What is the Soul Code Method?

The Soul Code Method is all about healing hearts, souls and lives. Energy work is not all about releasing unhelpful emotional energy – it is also about reconnecting disconnected parts of our being and spirit, healing our ancestors, setting boundaries physically and energetically, allowing unhelpful beliefs to be replaced by helpful ones, and allowing the Light to help us develop our own personal light and grow the garden of our life and purpose.

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Soul Code Method Newsletter #8

What is Pure White Perfect Light?

The light that emanates from the source of Pure White Perfect Light is never ending. This is what we create with. Without this light, we are nothing. It is at our core and contains our intelligence. If it is fully blocked, we cannot exist. If it is partially blocked or filtered, our lives are less than full and healthy and productive. We must learn to let our light out through the opening of our hearts and souls. The Soul Code Method uses the intent of the practitioner and client to focus light where the client needs it most and to aid the client in receiving that light by not only releasing unwanted energy but also the mental structures that define, hold and reproduce that unwanted energy. The intent necessary to help the client do this must be practiced and expanded just like developing a muscle through exercise. Certification training focuses on this intent training. Starting with a magnet and the Soul Code Basic chart and working up to visualizing pulses of light and being one with Pure White Perfect Light, you learn to apply light configured exactly to the needs of the client in any given step or process.


Inside every living thing on Earth is a pure white perfect light. It is the core of our spirit and the spark of life. This light emanates through our heart and allows our spiritual and physical bodies to function and heal. Every person conceived starts off with their spiritual heart in a state of open happiness and health and which helps them develop and grow. But as the human condition is, our hearts soon start to get blocked and covered with the pains, ills and disappointments and even trauma of life. The influence of our ancestors as well as those around us only adds to the challenges our heart faces in life. Blocks to our hearts means our pure white perfect light becomes limited and perhaps even blocked in certain ways that can keep us from achieving our goals and overcoming challenges in our life. Finally, when our pure white perfect light is unable to reach inside our physical body, we may get sick and be prone to accidents or even get ourselves into difficult situations because we are not aware enough of our situation to make the best choices.

A Soul Code Method practitioner is someone whose heart has already been perfectly healed and opened 100% so they can use their pure white perfect light to help you heal and open your own heart. Once your heart is perfectly healed and open 100%, the Soul Code Method practitioner can help your heart focus your pure white perfect light into your body and soul to aid and support it in its healing even if you use other modalities to focus and direct the healing. Once your heart is healed and opened 100%, you can use any other modality to help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges or you can continue working with your Soul Code practitioner and use your pure white perfect light to heal and support different parts of your spirit – its connections with others, how it is shielded and protected energetically, your conscious and subconscious goals and targets as well as the paradigms, belief systems and other beliefs which define how your interact with the world. Every part of your spirit can be aided and supported in becoming clearer, healthier, stronger and more able to help you achieve what you want to achieve in life.